Choosing a Leopard Gecko or Crested gecko

Leopard Gecko or Crested Gecko

One of the first questions beginner reptile keeping enthusiasts often consider is if they should get a leopard gecko or crested gecko as their first reptile pet. Both of these geckos are very popular and these two geckos are often considered as the first reptile pet because they are both commonly seen in pet stores reptile shows and are both species are often suggested to new keepers as an excellent beginner reptile pet.

With both of these geckos being a great starter reptile pet it can be a tough decision on which species to begin with. The good news is there is no wrong choice and if your ready to start your reptile keeping adventure both will make a great first step. Below we will outline the basics and care requirements for each to help you make your decision.

Leopard GeckosĀ and Crested Geckos having several similarities including:

The care for these two geckos does vary in some important aspects that should be considered when making your decision on which species to select. We also have linked to our comprehensive care guide for each species below.

Leopard Gecko Care
Terrestrial or Ground Dwelling
Require Supplemental Heat
Require Live food

Crested Gecko Care
Arboreal or tree dwelling
Can be Fed Crested Gecko DietLeopard Gecko or Crested Gecko

Can a Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko be housed together?

No, these geckos come from different places in the world and have different setup and environmental requirements. If you wish to keep both species, which is great, each will need their own suitable setup.

Gecko Selection Conclusion

As we mentioned before you really can go wrong with either species of these great geckos. Crested geckos have a slightly more simplistic and less expensive initial setup cost but with the huge variety of color morphs our pick is the leopard gecko. Your best bet is to pick the one that interests you the most now and start with that. If you enjoy the reptile keeping hobby you can expand your collection in the future and enjoy both species when your ready.

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