How Much Are Leopard Geckos

How Much Are Leopard Geckos

How Much Are Leopard Geckos

One of the first questions prospective leopard geckos keepers often ask is “How Much Are Leopard Geckos?” There are several factors that affect the cost of a leopard gecko, some of these factors include the following:

  • Gecko Age
  • Genetic Morph
  • Color Intensity
  • Gecko Gender
  • Where Gecko Is Purchased

These factors all combine to make a very wide range of leopard gecko’s costs. In general a juvenile basic coloration leopard gecko will cost around $20 dollars.  A larger basic coloration gecko can typically be purchased for $25 to $40, but this is really just the starting point.

The single biggest factor in determining a leopard gecko cost is the color morph. Captive breeding has produced several color morph variations.

There is a variety of beautiful color morphs that can be purchased for a little more than a basic color leopard gecko.  Typically these are the base morphs that have been around for years and have become well established in the hobby.  Some of these color morphs can be bred to create some beautiful color morph combinations.

Once genetics begin to be combined, some of these morphs combinations  can be very rare and more expensive and often commanding prices starting in the $100s of dollars or more.

Over the years there have been a variety of new and exciting morphs that have been released in very limited initial numbers.  Typically at this level, these rare morphs are typically purchased by established leopard gecko breeders and can cost thousands of dollars!  These breeders then go on to replicate the genetics through their own breeding programs and as they become more available the prices will become more affordable for enthusiasts.

Within the various color morphs, there is also selective breeding that takes place to accentuate certain colorations and color intensity. Superior colored examples of the different color morphs will command a premium.  This comes from years and years of breeders finding the best example of the morph combinations and breeding those geckos together.

How Much Does a Leopard Geckos Cost to Own

Purchasing the actual gecko is only a portion of the cost of keeping a leopard gecko. There is additional factors when considering how much a leopard gecko costs to own.  In addition to the gecko there is also the upfront costs of purchasing the leopard gecko cage and setup.  Depending on the setup and options purchased these costs will typically range from $50-$200.

There is also the weekly maintenance and feeder insect costs that will typically be a few dollars week or $10-20 a month for a single gecko.

Final thoughts on the Cost of Leopard Geckos

The market for leopard geckos is very diverse with a huge selection of colors and a varied price range.

If shopping for your first leopard gecko we suggest looking around online to see if there is a particular pattern or color morph that stands out to you.  You can then get on an online reptile classified site such as to see what the current going price is.

If you decide to order a leopard gecko online an additional cost will be overnight shipping.  In the continental USA this typically runs about $45-$65.  This can seem expensive for one gecko but sometimes that is the best way to find that perfect gecko.

Our favorite place to buy reptiles is local and regional reptile expos.  Of teen you can find a gecko online and coordinate with the breeder for local pick up at a regional show of the attend one in your area.

Like many things in life we believe that you often get what your pay for.  This is not to suggest that in order to get a great and heathly leopard gecko you have to spend a lot of money. We just suggest purchasing from a reputable breeder or a quality pet shop.  If that costs a few more dollars than the cheapest gecko you are able to find we think that is worth the money.  These are some of the factors that will effect how much your leopard gecko will cost.

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