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Leopard Gecko FAQ

Below we have tried to provide answers to some of the most common questions we see regarding leopard geckos and their captive care.  We will continue to update this FAQ with more common questions and answers over time.

How Long do Leopard Geckos Live?

The average life span for a captive leopard gecko is between 8 and 12 years with proper care and nutrition. There have been examples of leopard geckos that have lived over 20 years.  In the wild, the average life span for leopard geckos can reduced from a captive gecko due to predation and environmental factors.

Where are Leopard Geckos From?

The natural range for leopard geckos mainly consists of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The natural habitat for the leopard gecko is areas of scrub and rocky desert.

How Much is a Leopard Gecko?

We have written an entire article explaining the very popular question of How Much is a Leopard Gecko. In general, the cost to purchase a Leopard Gecko starts around $20 and goes up from there based on coloration, size, and genetics.

Are Leopard Geckos Nocturnal?

Yes, leopard geckos are a nocturnal geckos meaning they are most active during the nighttime hours when they will hunt and explore.
Naturally these geckos are nocturnal because of the hot days where they live. Because in captivity you are controlling the environment, it is not uncommon for a pet leopard gecko to also be active during the day.

What is the Leopard Gecko Scientific Name?

The scientific name for the common leopard gecko species kept in captivity is Eublepharis macularius. There are also several subspecies of leopard gecko which are not as common in the pet trade.
Eublepharis macularius is classified as follows
Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family: Eublepharidae

Genus: Eublepharis

Species: macularius

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

Male leopard geckos should not live together as there is a high risk of aggression and fighting.
Generally female leopard geckos will get along and can be housed together without issues. It is important to watch for any fighting when introducing geckos together.
Juvenile leopard geckos can generally be housed together as long as they are about the same size and given sufficient space.

How Fast do Leopard Geckos Grow

With proper care and a good feeding regime, leopard geckos can grow very quickly. Leopard geckos can reach their adult size in less than a year and will grow especially quickly when they are young.

How to Tell the Gender of a Leopard Gecko?

Geckos can typically not be 100% accurately until they are 4-6 months old. At that point males will begin to develop a pronounced V-shaped row of pores near the tail as well as start showing two hemipene bulges at the base of the tail.

Do Leopard Geckos Need Heat?

Yes, supplemental heat is necessary for providing the proper environment for your leopard gecko. Leopard geckos require a thermal gradient in their enclosure allowing them to choose between the “hot side” or “cool side” of their enclosure.  Check out our Leopard Gecko Care Sheet for more information.

How Big do Leopard Geckos Get?

A newly hatched leopard geckos is a couple inches in length and weighs only a couple of grams. Leopard geckos will reach an average full grown size of 7 “ – 10” and will have an adult weight of approximately 60-80 grams on average . There are certainly some examples of larger specimens and there is even a genetically giant morph of leopard gecko.

Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

Most reptiles have the ability to bite if threatened or restrained. Leopard geckos tend to be very docile and do not tend to bite. Leopard geckos can typically be handled easily once they become accustomed to their owner and surroundings.

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